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Who Knit You? is a small business based in St. John's, Newfoundland that offers a variety of hand dyed, handspun yarns and modern knitwear and accessories.


Here are the results of my solar dying experiment! I added the dye on top of the wool which prevented all of the wool from being dyed. I am still satisfied though. Now I have a neat gradient to play around with! 

I think my solar dye experiment worked! The dye is completely exhausted!

I think my solar dye experiment worked! The dye is completely exhausted!

Still working on this one. It’s yellow Corriedale, navy and brown BFL with bits of silver Angelina.

More hand carded handspun! This one is grey merino, blue BFL, and fuchsia Corriedale with a bit of purple Angelina for sparkle.

Working on some new yarns. I’ve been wanting to spin some yellow and grey yarn for ages. 

This one is grey Merino, yellow Corriedale, yellow Kid Mohair, and white bamboo. 

I’ve had this bag of Merino wool sitting in my fridge for like two years so I am attempting to solar dye it red. It still doesn’t get much warmer than 10 degrees so it probably would be more successful in July or August, but I guess we will see what happens. I actually started this two days ago but I’ve had it inside for all of yesterday. It might get up to a whopping 15 degrees in a few hours so I will put it outside again. Tomorrow it might be 20 degrees but if its still not hot enough I’m just going to microwave it. 

Looking forward to a summer of experimental dye techniques! 

Some Good Market Goes to Town June 14th, 2014.

I don’t really have enough yarn left to use my pegboard display so this time I tried something a little different.